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最佳答案一、Criticism on Television   A lot of people believe that television has a harmful effect on chldren. A few years ag

   一、Criticism on Television

  A lot of people believe that television has a harmful effect on chldren. A few years ago, the same criticisms were made of the cinema. But although child psychoilogists have spent a great deal of time studying his problem, there is not much evidence that television brings about teenager’s crimes.

  For people in the modern worlds share the views of parents a hundred years ago. In those days, writers for children carefully avoided any reference to sex in their books, but had not inhibitions about including scenes of violence.


  The evidence collected suggests, however, that neither the subject, nor the action in itself frightens children. The context in which cruely or violence occurs is much more important.


  A good guide to what is psychologically healthy for a small child is therefore provided by a television series in which a boy and a girl are supposed to be exploring distant planets with their parents. In each story, they encounter strange monsters and find themselves in dangerous situations but the parents are reassuring and sensible, as a child’s paprents should be in real life. There is an adult character who is a coward and liar, but both the children are brave and , of course, every story ends happily.


  In my view, children should be exposed to the problems of real life as soon as possible, but they cannont help seeing these through news programs. When they are being entertained, the healthiest atmosphere is one which the hero and heroine are children like themselves who behave naturally and confidently in any situation.


  二、Human Education

  The other day, a professor from Peking University gave a lecture “Chinese Intellectuals and Written Cultural Text”. In his lecture, he held that Chinese intellectuals have lost the written cultural text since the May 4th movement. His opinion set us thinking that the loss of traditional humane education resulted in a crisis of cultural education.


  With the rapid development of economy, the living standard of the Chinese people has improved a lot in terms of material wealth. In a period when economics take priority, people pay more aned more attention to profit. At present, moneymaking and pleasure seeking are becoming a popular fashion. On the other hand, there appears a barren field of spirit in today’s society. It has become unexpectedly hard to rebuild the paradise of traditional culture.Ideological confusion, moral decline and a chaotic cultural market, all this shows that it is the high time to have something done in order to tackle the problem of cultural orientation. Our times call for an ideal humane education.


  It is unwise to discard traditional Chinese culture as a whole. Some of the elements of this culture can be made use of in the reconstruction of our spiritual civilizaiton directly or wit5h some adaptation. Our attitude towards tradition should be “discarding the dross and selecting the essence”. The humane education of the past can serve as a supplement to our Marxist education. It should start from primary school. In this way, our children will get educated so as to be possessed of a perfect personality. The national morale will be deeply rooted in people’s mind, and will help push forward the growth of economy.


  To sum up, we can find it badly necessary to build up an ideal humane education. We should find an efficient way to develop our humane education and dig out5 more resources form traditional Chinese culture.


  三、Public Transportation


  As part of domestic modernization, public transportation needs to be developed urgently in China. I can illustrate some examples.


  There does not only exist serious traffic jams but also crowded buses, underground and railways. Commuters find it hard to get to work on time due to overcrowded buses or tubes. Travelers could hardly get on buses in big cities during weedends owing to fewer buses and more people. When Spring Festival is drawing near, there is much greater-ressure on public transportation since it has to deal with a large number of travelers rushing home. And travelers need special arrangements to go home. In a word, public transportation has become bottleneck to the advanc of Chinese economy.


  To solve the above-mentioned problems, the departments concerned should carry out the following steps: to build more roads, highways or railways and to add buses or trains to the original lines. But ther funds have to be raised both from the government and the public.


  There are three sources for fund raising. One is to raise the fares for all kinds of all transportation vehicles. Another is to increase the prices for various vehicles on sale. The third is to raise the prices of petrol and diesel oil in addtion to the governmental f

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